Be truthful: Is this you right now?

Since March 2020, I have had many days like the woman pictured above. Stress and uncertainty have plagued many people as of late.

So, how do you combat stress?

What do you do when you don’t know what you are going to do?

May I encourage you? The fact that you can read this blog lets me know that we are BOTH going to be alright. Yes, people around the globe are facing many challenging situations. We are literally living what we watched on movie screens. But, it is how we choose to face these challenges that I think will make a positive difference in our quality of lives.

Here’s my formula-

· If you are angry, frustrated, or hurt, feel your feelings, pray, and then continue to enjoy life.

· If you are out of work, create your next job, aka start a new small business.

· If you do not have the resources to start a business, learn how to get One, Small Government Contract (you don't need a business to do this).

· If you are not surrounded by loving people, connect with New, Positive people online and offline.

· If you have gained weight, walk at least 30 minutes daily (do it on your block, or walk in place.)

Enjoy Life,

Dr. Tonya B.

Comment below. I would love to know how you feel. Also, share some of your strategies too.

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